Compact design with integral print head
Key Benefits:

* Large Character Coder for dusty and dirty environments
* Reliable and robust
* Cost effective
* Compact design with integral print head

Reliable and robust large character coders for difficult, dusty or dirty environments

Domino’s CaseCoder has a well earned reputation for delivering reliable, cost effective large character coding in a wide range of industries. A compact design with integral print head allows the CaseCoder to be mounted on many types of carton taping machines and production lines.
Wide variety of substrates

Using drop on demand valve jet technology| to produce consistent quality coding onto a wide variety of porous and nonporous substrates including:

* Outer cases and trays
* Wood
* Metal
* Sacking
* Extrusion
* and many more

Maximum productivity

* Reliable and robust
* Sealed print head nozzles for maximum Uptime in harsh environments
* Compact and unobtrusive design, easily integrates into existing production facilities

Consistent print quality

* Print single or twin line codes on a variety of substrates
* Variety of coloured inks for porous and non-porous substrates
* Low-level print head option for tray coding or printing near the base of products

Ease of use and error prevention

* Self-sealing connector makes ink replacement quick and clean
* Up to 50 messages can be prepared, checked and stored for later use, helping to eliminate coding errors
* Data entry terminal can be removed to prevent non authorised personnel changing messages



About printerexpirecode

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