Very Small Character Printer Pinpoint


Key Benefits:

  • Suitable for  applications requiring discreet, high quality coding
  • Delivers print as small as 0.8mm
  • Proven reliability of A-Series
  • Ideal for Data Matrix marking

The Domino Pinpoint printer delivers print as small as 0.8mm in height and is ideal for applications such as Cable and Wire marking| , Electronics| , Pharmaceuticals| , automotive parts and Cosmetics and Personal Care|  where codes must be both discreet and high quality.

High-Quality and Legibility

  • Modular design and heated head technology ensure that code quality remains constant from start of production to line shutdown
  • Prints single line at up to 178 meters (580 feet) per minute where character spacing is 26 characters per inch, or up to 308 meters (1010 feet) per minute at 15 characters per inch
  • High accuracy of dot placement makes Pinpoint ideal for Data Matrix Coding
  • Capable of small legible print on small objects / spaces


Easy to Maintain

As with all A-Series plus |, manual printhead cleaning is a preventative maintenance procedure rather than the daily routine. The fully automated start up and shut down system using Domino’s nozzle sealing feature, means that production and coding can start when you want, without the delays associated with other systems.






About printerexpirecode

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